Dolphin Boat

Dolphin Boat

Dolphin boat videos, pictures, design and inventors

Sea Breacher is the other name for Dolphin boat which registered to Innespace company who invented and design by Dan Piazza and Rob Innes. Dolphin boat concept is came from variable attitude submersible hydrofoil that was invented by Dusty and Doc in 1987 who’s real names are Thomas Rowe (as Doc) and Dennis Kaiser (as Dusty). They used VASH into their boat they called Noland Won.

Dolphin boat videos, pictures, design and inventors
Dolphin Boat Picture

Dolphin boat engine is a combination of Hurth V-drive transmission and Atkins Rotary Marine engine that can do different types of tricks as what we can see on a dolphin show.

Watch Dolphin boat video.

Dolphin boat video


More videos here Dolphin Boat

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