Pilatus PC 12

Pilatus PC 12

Pilatus PC-12 videos, photos, variants and specifications.

Pilatus PC-12 videos photos variants specifications
Pilatus PC 12

Pilatus PC-12 is the cargo plane aircraft that was been reportedly crash at Butte’s Holy Cross Cemetery near Butte Montana airport. Pilatus PC-12 is strictly manufacture in Switzerland by Pilatus Aircraft. Pilatus PC-12 is used for corporate or business, cargo and passenger transport. Pilatus PC-12 first take off was on May 31, 1991 and introduced on 1994 as a primary used for civil aviation. Pilatus PC-12 is for sale and it cost approximately US$3.48 to US$4.0 million.

Watch Pilatus PC 12 Video

Pilatus PC 12 Video

Pilatus PC-12 different variants

  • PC-12
  • PC-12/45
  • PC-12/47
  • PC-12/47E
  • PC-12M Spectre
  • PC-12 NG
  • U-28A

Pilatus PC-12 Specifications
Pilatus PC-12 can only accommodate 2 pilots. It have 9 passengers seat capacity and 6 to 8 for executives. Pilatus PC-12 length is 14.40 meters and its is height 4.26 meters. Pilatus PC-12 wingspan is 16.23 meters and its maximum takeoff weight is 4,740 kg.

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