Blount Punch Video

Blount Punch Video

Watch Blount Punch Video YouTube!

Watch Blount Punch Hout Boise State Video

LeGarrette Blount punch Byron Hout of Boise State on the jaw (pictures above) after their game in September 3, 2009 that was caught on video live by ESPN (YouTube video below). Boise State player Byron Hout tap the shoulder of Oregon Football Player LeGarrette Blount that trigger him to punch Hout with a hard right hand that puts him down.

Watch Blount Punch YouTube Video

Blount Punch Video

LeGarrette Montez Blount known as LeGarrette Blount was born on December 5, 1986 at Madison, Florida. Blount is the University of Oregon Football running back player. Read more information and bio of LeGarrette Bloun in Wikipedia.

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